Flower Market of Delhi

Flowers exude a positive energy that is difficult to explain in words. Their fragrance is an indication that the mess created by human beings is going to end soon and that the Nature God will make all things fall back in place again.

The three main flower markets of Delhi are located in Chandni Chowk, Connaught Place and Mehrauli. At Chandni Chowk and Connaught Place, the flower business starts very early in the morning and goes on till just before noon. The flower sellers sell off all their flowers by then and the markets wear a deserted look.

Mostly temples buy flowers from these markets, however, a minor portion of flowers is brought by the common public too for their prayers at home, functions like weddings and other traditional pujas or religious ceremonies. The flower sellers are basically farmers who travel by bus or train very early in the morning to sell off their flowers. Some farmers from nearby areas travel in scooters or bikes to these markets. All the three flower markets are quite unique as they sell different colours and shapes of flowers.


The variety of the flowers sold here is truly mesmerising. These markets not only sell flowers from all over the country but also from countries like Thailand, China and Hong Kong. There are many kinds of flowers here like rose, marigold, orchid, iris, zebra, chrysanthemum and many more. Artificial flowers used for decorative purposes too are sold here.

Off seasons or seasons when not many weddings or functions take place are the best times for people to strike a good bargain at these flower markets. Sometimes a rose that is sold for Rs 15 is available here for just Rs 4. Similarly, zebras that are sold for Rs 100 outside are available for a paltry Rs 10 here. During the months between September and February, a lot of weddings and festivals take place. So these are considered to be the peak seasons. The flowers may cost more this time and the buyers might not be able to bargain a lot then.


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