NGO and Senior Citizen

Various NGOs have been continuously working to benefit the senior and other family members during their silver days. The NGOs help the senior citizens by letting them support during their times of challenges at a particular age.

The main aim of the NGO is to support the non-profit communities, hand-outs, donations, educational societies, research organizations and letting other members of society about the gloom of these faces and its concerns that can be dangerous if not taken care of.

In state of Delhi, there are various NGOs that serve various purposes that are majorly linked to both social and political agendas of its members. Few of these activities involved are taming the natural environmental conditions, compliance with the fulfilment of human rights.

There are uncountable numbers of such communities who work towards the vast arrays that include both the political and rational positions. The same scheme is also applicable to either private schools or athletic communities. The function of each NGO is differentiating like few of these works as lobbyists whereas other NGOs work on different projects, events and happenings.

Recreation Centre for Senior Citizens form Delhi Govt

Aims and Objectives

The main goal of creating of Recreation Societies for Older members of the society is to support them by making them feel relaxed, place where they can meet new people to socialize and spent some leisure time. Such kind of facilities let the aged people mix up with new people and share a reputed position in their family. Also, they will not feel either by themselves or by their family members as a problem for being taken care during daytime by their respective family members at the time when other members of the family are out for their work. In the city of Delhi, there are a total of 83 different recreation centres at various locations that works towards the support of senior members that are run by the civil society groups.


  • The RWAs, NGOs that solely work towards the concerns related to prosperity of Senior Citizens.
  • Such communities must have a registration that must be as old as 3 years registered under Societies Registration Act.
  • Each Society must have at least a total of 50 members registered under its name.

Pattern of Assistance

Non Recurring Grant

Each organization is supported by a financial aid of Rs 75000 for enhancing their infrastructure that may comprise of chairs, cupboards, indoor games articles, water coolers, tables, televisions, coolers, curtains etc. as per the requirement.

Recurring Grant

This is an amount of Rs 20000 that covers regular operational expenditures that comprises of salary given to attendants, rent, renovations to buildings, tour operational amount, health campsites and yoga camps, seminars, different celebrations of festivals, daily newspapers, and magazines and other reading materials, electricity and water charges etc. The other utilization of the Recurring grant is sectioned under following sub-heads: -

  • Staff salary, rent of the building, water and electricity expenditure.
  • Festival celebration, News Paper and magazine cost, yoga and health camps, seminars and workshops etc.
  • Visit to different locations, tour organization.
  • Various incidental charges.

There is no fixed amount for each sun head but rather it can be spent as per the requirement.

In case when any NGO does not have any fixed building they receive a recurring amount of Rs 10000 each month that covers the different modules as mentioned in the above section.


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