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Where To Eat In Delhi

Where to Eat In Delhi

Delhi city is flooded with numerous eateries ranging from the traditional street food to the extravagant five star hotels. Food lovers would find Delhi an excellent place to taste some of the native and mouth watering international delicacies.

Food lovers can find excellent Mughlai and Frontier Cuisine in Delhi. One of the best Mughlai cuisine serving restaurants is the ‘Karim’s’ which is located both in Nizamuddin and Jama Masjid. The specialty of these restaurants is that the age old tastes of the Mughal period is still preserved and closely secured by the chefs of the restaurant.

Some of the elite restaurants serving delicious Mughalai dishes are Corbetts (Claridges), Delhi ka Aangan (Hyatt Regency) and Darbar (Ashoka Hotel). Similarly some of the restaurants in the economical categories are Degchi (Regal Building), Angeethi (Asiad Village) and Gulati Restaurant (Pandara Market). The leading Frontier cuisine restaurants are Baluchi (The Hilton), Frontier (Ashoka Hotel) and Bukhara (Maurya Sheraton).

Best Eating Places in Delhi

It is also an exciting experience to taste some of the delicious and authentic Rotis, Biryanis and Kababas in and around Nizamuddin and Jama Masjid areas.

For people who are fond of Chinese delicacies, Delhi offers Chinese dishes in almost all the elite restaurants and roadside medium budget hotels. Chinese delicacies are very popular and its popularity can be measured by the number of kiosk and Chinese dishes on wheels in Delhi. Delhi is growing in the number of sophisticated restaurants with the commencement of some of the restaurants like Tibetan food at eateries near Chanakya Theatre, EI Arab (Regal Building), Mexican food at Rodeo (Connaught Place), Dum Pukht in Awadh (Maurya Sheraton), Osaka (Haus Khas village), Kashmiri food at Chor Bizarre (Hotel Broadway), Thai food at Baan Tahi (The Oberoi), Japanese food at Tokyo (Ashoka Hotel) and Sukothai (Hauz Khas village) which offers international cuisines.

People in Delhi also crave for the delicious south Indian dishes served in popular restaurants like Dasaprakash (Hotel Ambassador), Sagar Ratna (Lodhi Hotel) and Sagar (Defence Colony). It is the Coconut Grove (Ashok Yatri Niwas) which is popular for authentic non vegetarian dishes of south Indian region.

Continental food lovers can have lip smacking delicacies at Captains Cabins (Taj Man Singh) and Orient Express (Taj Palace). There are numerous fast food centers in the city which serve multi cuisine delicacies.

The best place to taste the real Indian delicacies is at ‘Dilli Haat’. Almost all the Indian state recipes are provided here at a reasonable rate. The atmosphere here is excellent for shopping cum dining. People planning to carry out food tour of the city can visit Chaat or Bengali market, Paranthe Wali Gali, bhelpuri at Greater Kailash and sweet savors at Ghantewala and Annapoorna.

Non vegetarian food lovers can relish the tasty tandoori dishes which include tandoori chicken and tandoori kababs. These are available at very reasonable rates in most of the roadside Dhabas.

Street Food- Delhi Food Specialty

Chandni Chowk is the paradise for street food lovers in Delhi. The area has numerous varieties of Chaats and other street foods to offer. The area bears a festive look daily with numerous paranthewallahs (bread variants), namkeenwallahs (spicy & salty delicacies) and halwais (sweet hawkers) lined up to sell their delicacies. It would be an excellent idea to commence your eating fair from the Paranthewali Gali. This is one of the popular foodielocalities which emerged after the parantha shops were established here in the 1870s. This lane has had numerous celebrities and popular politicians as its regular visitors. The prominent among them are the Nehru family consisting of Vijaylaxmi Pandit (Nehru’s sister) and Indira Gandhi who were very fond of the parantha meals. Atal Behari Vajpayee and Jayaprakash Narayan also used to visit the Paranthewali Gali.

Chaat is the most popular native snack of Delhi. There are various combinations in Chaat, however, the common mixture includes gram, crispy fried bread, potato pieces, tangy-salty spices and Dahi Bhalla. The combination is usually garnished with dried ginger powder, homemade chili powder,tamarind sauce, green chili, yoghurt and coriander leaves. Aloo tikki is a popular variant of Chaat.

Among the sweet recipes it is Rabdi Faluda which is very popular. If you want to taste this mouth watering Rabdi Faluda, then you need to visit the Giani di Hatti near Fatehpuri Mosque. It has also transformed into a popular ice-cream parlor providing authentic and exotic flavors like Bubblegum and Litchi. The other savories are sundaes, fruit shakes, milkshakes and ice-cream shakes.

List of Best Eating Places in Delhi

  • Berco's and Fa Yian, for Chinese food
  • Karim's and Nizam's, for Mughlai food
  • Nirula's for a mix of Indian and western fast food
  • Sagar, in Defence Colony for Udipi food
  • English Dairy, a popular dhaba in Connaught Place for inexpensive vegetarian food
  • However, if you are a food lover and want to spend an evening with your friends and lovers in a rich ambience then these are the places to look for:
  • Delhi ka Aangan (Hyatt Regency)
  • Darbar (Ashoka Hotel)
  • Corbetts (Claridges)
  • Bukhara (Maurya Sheraton)
  • Frontier (Ashoka Hotel)
  • Baluchi (The Hilton)
  • EI Arab (Regal Building)
  • Dum Pukht or the process of slow cooking developed in Awadh (Maurya Sheraton)
  • Kashmiri food at Chor Bizarre (Hotel Broadway)
  • Thai food at Baan Tahi (The Oberoi)
  • Sukothai ( Hauz Khas village)
  • Japanese food at Tokyo (Ashoka Hotel)
  • Osaka (Haus Khas village
  • Veda, Connaught Place
  • Chor Bizarre, Asaf Ali Road
  • Karim Hotel, Gali Kababiyan, Matia Mahal
  • Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, Lodi Road
  • Dilli Haat, Opposite INA Market, Aurobindo Marg, Nizamuddin

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