Hotels and Restaurants

Delhi is known for its people’s love for food. Delhi has a huge number of hotels and restaurants. From street food in the by lanes of Old Delhi to the restaurants in the posh and upmarket areas of Delhi, there are several options that suit all tastes and budgets. However, the all time favourite place for all food lovers in Delhi is Old Delhi where everyone has at least one favourite food spot.

Western culture has also shown its influence on Delhi. Brands like Wimpy’s, Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, TGIF and McDonald’s have made a way into the dining culture of Delhi. People of Delhi enjoy spending time at these places with friends and family and these brands have opening all over Delhi.

Apart from small restaurants and eating joints, Delhi also has fine dining elegant restaurants with world class ambience. Five Star hotels in Delhi serve good quality food of all kinds in their bars and restaurants. With large buffets, these hotels give a good opportunity to splurge. Coffee shops of these hotels serve wonderful coffee at surprisingly affordable prices. Theme based food festivals are organized on a regular basis to demonstrate expert cooking.

The cuisine in Delhi is generally North Indian and it is one of the most sought after cuisines in India. Delhi’s cuisine is well known for its spices variety and its rich aroma and flavour. Delhi food has mainly been influenced by the several dynasties that have reigned over this capital city. Delhi has one of the finest Mughlai, Mexican, Chinese, Thai and Indian restaurants and several other food joints scattered all across the city. Some Mughlai restaurants of Delhi are famous all over the world. Tourists who visit the city from all over make sure to visit these famous restaurants. Serving food for all tastes and pockets, the restaurants in Delhi are categorized on the basis of vegetarian and non vegetarian. These beautifully decorated restaurants are known for their ambience and service. They are comfortable and ideal for family dinners. The menus of restaurants in Delhi are designed such that they celebrate the culture and art of different regions. Delhi is a paradise for food lovers with restaurants known for tandoori cuisine.

North Indian Restaurants in Delhi

With a crowd made up to people belonging to all age groups, Delhi is a lively place to stay in. It is interesting to note that people of all ages equally enjoy the food of Delhi. Delhi, India’s capital is one of the Indian cities with the maximum number of food joints. Be it street food, restaurants, small eateries or fine dining restaurants, Delhi has it all. Apart from these Delhi also has mobile food cars selling different types of food.

Given below are names of few North Indian restaurants in Delhi. They are –

  • Copper Chimney Restaurant
  • Pehli Manzil
  • Mini Mahal
  • Mezbaan Restaurant
  • Dhaba Restaurant
  • Baujee Ka Dhaba
  • The Kabila Restaurant

Thai Restaurants in Delhi

People all over the world love Thai food which is a perfect blend of eastern as well as western influences. The major ingredients of Thai food are herbs, water animals and plants. Thai restaurants in Delhi make efforts to maintain the authenticity and actual taste of Thai food.

Some of the Thai restaurants in Delhi include the following –

  • Baan Thai
  • Ego Restaurant
  • Spice Route Restaurant

South Indian Restaurants in Delhi

Rice is an important part of South Indian food and South Indian cuisine is majorly rice based. Boiled rices, daals, idlis, dosas etc are all made of rice. Apart from rice, daals are also part of this cuisine.

Commonly eaten South Indian food includes dishes like Uttapams, rasam, vadas, sambhar etc. Vegetable curries are also eaten. A few South Indian restaurants in Delhi are-

  • Sagar Ratna
  • Dakshin
  • Naivedyam
  • South Indian Restaurant

Oriental Restaurants in Delhi

Chinese food goes way beyond Choupsey and Chowmein. Another form of Chinese food which is relatively spicier has become popular in Delhi. Such Chinese food includes Hunan and Szechuan etc.

The Oriental restaurants in Delhi are as follows –

  • Jade
  • Delhi Devils
  • Taste of China
  • Melange
  • Bamboo Garden
  • Pickwicks
  • QBA Restaurant & Bar

Multi-Cuisine Restaurants in Delhi

Over the years, multi-cuisine restaurants have become popular in Delhi. All your favourite food ranging from momos from Sikkim to Makki ki Roti from Punjab, can be found in just one restaurant. All types of food ranging from food from Andhra Pradesh to West Bengal are served in these multi cuisine restaurants in Delhi.

The names of few multi-cuisine restaurants in Delhi are given below –

  • Mehfil
  • 19 Oriental Avenue
  • Kafilaa
  • Park Heavens
  • Punjabi Rasoi
  • 29 China Se

Eating out in Delhi is not the same as before due to a wide range of options. You can simply walk into any of these eating joints and order your favourite dish at any point of time.

Famous Restaurants in Delhi

  • Angan Restaurant
  • Bawarchi Delight
  • Bell Peppers
  • Bengals Sweet House & Restaurant
  • Chefs Paradise Restaurant 
  • Club Prison in Gurgaon
  • Dana Choga Restaurant
  • Gopala Restaurant
  • Gourmet Gallery & Restaurant
  • Gulati Restaurant
  • Hotel Metro Continental
  • Karnataka Restaurant
  • Lavang in Rajouri Garden
  • Legend Of Connaught
  • Restaurants in Delhi - Non Vegetarian 
  • Sagar Ratna Restaurant
  • Sai Sarovar Pure Vegetarian
  • Saravana Bhawan
  • South Indian Restaurant
  • Spice Angan
  • Suruchi Vegetarian Restaurant
  • The International Diner

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