Second Car Free Day to be Held in Dwarka in Delhi

Nov 12, 2015 | D. Sethi

In order to motivate people to use the facility of public transport, government of Delhi is organizing 2nd Car Free Day at Dwarka on 22nd November. This shall witness rally of cycle, human chain together with participants of DANICS and IAS officers.

Speaking about this fare, Gopal Rai, the transport minister said that this event shall be held on the road number 202 @Dwarka amid sectors 3-13 and sectors 7-9. The time duration of this ray shall be from 8 am to 4 pm.

Gopal Rai also said that the significant participants of this Car Free Day in Dwarka Delhi shall be DANIPS, DANICS, IPS and IAS officers along with some other people. This cycle rally shall start from Dwarka Sports Complex and shall cover total distance of 6 kilometers. Arvind Kejriwal the chief minister of Delhi is also expected to participate in the rally to act as an inspirational figure for the people. To make sure that the people participate with motivation, a human chain shall be formed at the route of Car Free Day. The last month, similar rally was held from India Gate to Red Fort and it witnessed impeccable response form the people in Delhi.

The main reason for conducting this Car Free Day in Delhi is that the people here are encountering elevated level of pollution in city and it is foremost duty of the Delhi government to cut down the pollution level and reduce the traffic congestion. Using the public transport is one of the best alternatives for cutting down the use of private vehicles, eventually eliminating the air pollution and congestion.

Mr. Gopal Rai also said that the additional buses with elevated frequency shall be sent on this particular route for the convenience of the public. Leaving cars, all kinds of public transport shall be permitted on this route.


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