Green Levy on Trucks Entering Delhi from November 1

Nov 16, 2015 | R. Tondon

The restrictions that have been imposed by Supreme Court on the entrance of commercial vehicles to Delhi will start from Sunday. The court has rejected the request of owners of the truck to give time for the order implementation and it would be mandatory to pay the environment tax in Delhi along with the municipal toll.

They have submitted it before H L Dattu’s bench that the previous order passed this month where environment compensatory charges were imposed on them would be difficult to enforce in adequate infrastructure’s absence. Detecting defaulters and technical support for charges recovery are not in actual place and so the truck operators take short-cuts via Delhi carrying stock to other states.

However, Delhi and central governments have opposed it and considered them specious. The court has refused to change the dates after hearing the opposition.

The court has ordered on 12th October that the commercial vehicles that are entering the capital should pay environment charge in Delhi other than municipal toll. The vehicles have been listed in different categories, fixing the charges like: category 2 (light duty vehicles), category 3 Rs. 700, category 4 and category 5 Rs. 1300.

Vehicles carrying commodities such as food stuff, oil tankers, ambulances and passenger vehicles are exempted.

The toll operators would collect the charge without deducting anything else and will hand over on every Friday to Delhi government. The government will furnish the accounts of the expenditure and receipts incurred to EPCA or Environment Pollution and also to the court every quarter. The court has ordered regardless of any modalities for the collection of toll that the collectors shall put across RFID systems at 9 main entries by 30 November 2015 and at 118 entry points by 31st January 2016. The data would be supplies to transport department and MCD of NCT Delhi Government. CCTV cameras would be installed by the government at 9 entry points. Surprise visits would be organized to oversee ECC’s collection with other important arrangements.


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