Cars May Get Costlier in Delhi as Authorities Mull Parking Fee Hike

Nov 16, 2015 | S.S.Khan

The ever-increasing number of vehicles on Delhi streets and roads has led to frequent traffic jams, groaning parking lots, and even road rage incidents. At the same time, the traffic mess in the national capital has also increased the level of pollution in the city, leading to chronic illnesses and diseases. In order to tackle this mess, the civic authorities in Delhi are considering raising the one-time parking fees, putting a check on the growing number of automobiles and the subsequent pollution. A senior municipal officer has said that the plan to implement this policy will be discussed in North Municipal Corporation Committee meeting in order to tackle Parking in Delhi. If the proposal gets approved by the concerned authorities, the price of two-wheelers will go up by Rs. 1000, and the price of top-end luxury cars will go up by several lakhs, which may deter customers to buy a new vehicle.

The move has come after Supreme Court directed the concerned authorities in Delhi to levy environment duty on commercial vehicles that enter the national capital. The main aim is to reduce the toxic fumes released by the vehicles into the air. It must be noted that many environment bodies and NGOs have already cautioned about the dangerous air pollution level present in the city due to rising number of automobiles. The owners of cars that cost Rs four lakhs will have to reimburse Rs 8,000 in the form of one-time parking fees, from its current rate of Rs 2,000. For vehicles that cost more than four lakhs, the owners have to recompense in the range of 4-15 percent, from the current fees of Rs 4,000. Commercial vehicle such as buses, the fees will increase from Rs 4,000 to Rs 32,500 in order to streamline Parking Facilities in Delhi.


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