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Weather Update

The fluctuation between summer and winter temperatures in Delhi is very high and unreasonable.

  • March to June is the time when summer is the harshest. Temperature goes up to 47 degrees Celsius at times and the city of Delhi is devoid of tourists during this time.
  • December to February is the time when Delhi is the coldest. Temperatures take a big dip down and stop to 1 degree Celsius. January witnesses heavy fogs in Delhi, throwing traffic systems haywire and causing more accidents.
  • July to September is the time of monsoons. At times, Delhi receives very heavy rainfall; however this is the time, when Delhi looks very green and appealing.

July to February is the time when Delhi can be experienced in full bloom as tourists do not have to go through the harsh winters then. Flight plans can go awry during January due to heavy fog.

  • Short vacations to the city for sightseeing –July to September
  • Major sightseeing inside and outside Delhi – October to December
  • Due to chillness and heavy fog, January must be avoided for travel purpose
  • Short and long outings -  February and March (due to the excellent climate)

The extremes in weather that Delhi experiences is evident from the fact that during summers, the temperature soars to 45 degrees Celsius, and it drops to around 4 degrees Celsius during winters. The climate here can be classified as continental and the city is surrounded by land predominantly on all sides. During winters, one can find a thick layer of mist and fog in the mornings in Delhi, to the extent of affecting one’s visibility. However, it clears off as the day progresses.

During summer season, the heat waves can be scorching hot, therefore, it is not recommended to go outdoors without taking care of the basic essentials. The months between February & April and August& November are the best seasons to visit Delhi as this is the time which marks the end and beginning of winter season, when the climate is pleasant. Delhi is quite green during these months.

Month Wise Climate

Weather Graph for Delhi


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