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Best Time To Visit

Be it a business trip or a leisure trip, Delhi is considered to be a gateway by travelers who frequently visit India. Delhi, the capital city of India is an ideal transit destination where travelers from around the world can commute to other parts of the country.

Delhi experiences a various kinds of climatic conditions throughout the year due to its location. It is situated in the northern plains of India. This information is especially important for travelers or first time visitors as people living in the city are aware of the different weather conditions that the city experiences at different times of the year. Travelers should know what kind of weather they should expect while travelling to the city. This is why the question about the weather of Delhi and the best time to visit it is so important.

Seasonal Weather

Several weather changes are seen in Delhi throughout the year mainly because it is situated in the plains. As a matter of fact, if one stays long enough, one can experience all weather conditions in this city.

The average summer temperature is 45 C and may even go higher during peak months from April to June while the lowest temperature is between 25 to 30° C. Strong dry winds travelling from Rajasthan which is the neighboring dessert state blow into the city during summers making the atmosphere extremely dry and hot. With the soaring temperatures and sultry heat, proper care and precautions must be taken by people who tend to face such conditions.

Monsoon that lasts from July to September is characterized by high atmospheric humidity. With the start of winters, October is relatively cool and dry making the city pleasant. Winter is the most ideal season to visit Delhi.

Delhi experiences winters from November to February, which is the best time to come to Delhi especially for leisure trips. The temperature generally ranges between 2 to 10° C. Pleasant sunshine that imparts warmth can be mostly seen. The night can be cold and chilly with thick fog that appears during late night and stay till early morning. This fog that envelops the city like a blanket causes a lot of problems for air and rail travel. This must be kept in mind while making travel plans and sufficient time gap must be kept between flights.

Best Time

As far as the weather is concerned, winter is the best time to visit Delhi. Beautiful green trees and vibrant flowers can be seen blossoming along the roads, giving Delhi a lively and joyous look.


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