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Delhi Meri Jaan

The pride and life of India is Delhi, the capital city. Delhi consists of everything right from roadside dhabas to luxurious five star hotels, from Sarojini Nagar market to posh City Walk, from simple Maruti 800 to lavish BMW. Delhi carries its own positive and negative features. In spite of all these, this is city of dreams for any person, whereas cost of living is not affordable in Delhi.

Delhi is a fusion of luxurious lifestyle together with a speedy everyday routine where everyone can taste their own recipe. It carries people from all classes’ right from slum dwellers to Hi-fi personalities. Delhi displays a fusion of both Indian and Western culture in their extremes.

With logarithmic population growth, almost quarter part of a person’s day is spend in travelling itself where popular FM radio gives a complete company to traveler’s. The introduction of metro service brought good relief for daily commuters.

It is the perfect place of numerous opportunities. The city teaches to survive either by professional approach or by jugaad. ‘Survival of the Fittest ‘is the secret mantra for Delhi people.  It provides lot of options to any person and it is totally up to them to grab it. Also remember, ‘No cash, No Help’.

Delhi is a city of dreams for any determined personality. With a perfect combination of good friendship and tireless hard work one can definitely mark their presence in Delhi. The true essence of Delhi was clearly depicted in a Hindi movie, ‘Band Baaja Baraat’.  It is important that more than what a person does, he should be equally potent to convince people that he is the best. This is the style of Delhi.

The positive and at the same time negative feature of this gigantic Delhi is freedom. One can do whatever they wish to do without anyone’s interference. There are innumerable options to select friends, company and also to personalize the lifestyle. Freedom package in Delhi is available with responsibilities and its consequences. That is the Indian capital, Delhi-meri jaan.

Delhi’s Winter

Winter in Delhi is almost similar to London. The temperature in Delhi during winter is closer to London and one should enjoy the winter although its way. The following is a short guide about what a person is supposed to do, where to visit and what to taste in Delhi during winter season.

The winter romance in Delhi starts during October. Presence of dim sunlight, a cold pinch of air is ideal to start loving the winter season. The temperature in the city dips down drastically. Rain in the winter season opens a green carpet which gets filed with seasonal flowers and roses for about five months throughout entire winter season.

All the roundabouts and parks are a perfect package of colorful flowers. One can enjoy all possible shades of any color in beautiful flowers that decorate the interesting places.
During winter season, the popular Mughal Garden, located at Rashtrapati Bhawan (House of Indian President) is open for public convenience.

The warm winter season delivers heaven on earth on the lawns of India Gate. It is an ideal place for picnics.

A person can also prefer to walk around in Old city and also historically significant regions in the country capital. It will be a never ending fun.

Winter season is also known to be migratory season. Parks, lakes, gardens and water-bodies will be totally occupied with foreign tourists. Bird lovers can have their perfect time in Delhi Zoo and Okhla Barrage. It is the ideal time to witness Siberian Cranes making their nests and takes up breeding process. There are various other birds to entertain people including little cormorants, spot-billed ducks, white ibises, black-necked storks and white storks. A short drive to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is a faultless picnic spot during winters.

Delhi Rickshaws

Travel in rickshaws is a must in Delhi to get a feel of this tiny vehicle. Traveling in rickshaws may be slow but highly beneficial to travel in tightly packed areas and if a person has got plans to enjoy the sceneries.

Satsangs & Marriages

One should also know that Delhi is also a spiritual city. Any person should definitely attend a satsang which will be organized only during November month and extends till April. Satsang literally means, ‘song of satya’, an occasion to gather for enlightenment of truth. Along with satsang one should enjoy Jaagran and particularly focus on their songs performed by popular personalities.

Delhi marriages are really a lavish affair. Pandal decorations is a must enjoy during marriage which is no way less than a film shooting set. The Hindi movie, Band Baaja Baraat in which the bride arrives on a white horse became life dream for all girls. One should definitely attend at least one marriage in Delhi.

Food & Shopping

One among the yummy and mouth-watering delicacy in this world is available in the streets of Delhi especifically Kachori, papdi, chole kulche, tikki, chole bhature, Gola, Rajma Chawal, street van chowmein and many more. Coming to shopping, there are large collections of Jholas, chappals, accessories and earrings. Shopping freaks can definitely enjoy Janpath, CP, Delhi haat, SN and also Trade fair organized in Pragati Maidan.


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