Odd-Even Rule Exemptions to Hit Police Chief BS Bassi

Dec 31, 2015 | M.A. Anwar

The Delhi Police Chief BS Bassi pointed out today while talking with the media that due to too many exemptions in Delhi government's odd-even scheme to cut down vehicular pollution rule to implement since January 1 things seem jolty.

While talking to the media, the Police Commissioner of Delhi insisted that "how to tackle things if somebody presumes to sickness and police won’t be in the position to stop and forced to believe instead. Chances are high that maximum number of violators would jiggle because of exemption privileges. He personally doesn’t favor exemption policy.”

He refused it being claimed by the Aam Aadmi Party leaders as if he spoke the language of central government that has literally become a political battle zone he said that any AAP volunteer vigilantism would remain intolerable.

Mr. Bassi clearly pointed out that Delhi police force won’t permit AAP volunteers, as calculated to be ten thousand, planned for patrolling streets to stop vehicles moving on city’s streets for odd-even scheme violation checks.

He further stressed that there is chance for legal action taken against offenders of such kinds.

"It is unquestionable for permitting to propagate unlawful acts. How can private citizens permitted to trespass the laws through compelling people for violation check," he pointed out.

The police will not also permit the Resident Welfare Associations to take the law into their hands through insisting violators to use their cars to return home, he insisted.

While asked about the reports of many fake number plates having been already procured by potential violators willing to drive their cars daily, Bassi insisted that it is too early for police team to focus on such offender clamping down.

He said that according to Indian law, "Preparation for committing a crime can’t be considered an offence.”

The Government of Delhi has planned for allowing cars having odd and even license plates alternatively on daily basis to begin from January 1 with repeats on 15 in a step to curb the vehicular pollution from city.


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