Initiatives by Delhi Government for Clean Air

Dec 22, 2015 | D. Sethi

Considering the sensitivity and high levels of air pollution in Delhi, the government and courts have decided to take some strict measures. These schemes or measures are:

  1. A new proposal has been introduced where the odd and even rule where the cars with odd number plates would run on odd dates and even ones on even dates. The aim behind this is to limit congestion and eliminate pollution which results from vehicles.
  2. Court has ordered the center to provide traffic police of Delhi with safety mask. This is done for it is recognized that these people are more prone to air pollution which adversely impacts their health.
  3. Supreme court has strictly banned new registration of any luxury cars and diesel cars that have engine capacity above 2000cc in Delhi. These cars are considered to create lot of air pollution.
  4. The green fee on all commercial vehicles that enter capital city has been increased by 100%. Different boards have been installed which notify this amendment.
  5. The court has ordered for conversion of all taxis to CNG with effective from March 2016. Besides the commercial vehicles that are registered prior to 2005 shall not be allowed to make entry in Delhi.
  6. A new direction has been issued by national green tribunal which says that there shall be ban on burning or all kinds of waste and a heavy fine will be charged on emission of the construction dust.
  7. The national green tribunal has also asked state and central government not too purchase any diesel vehicle for their personnel use. This will help phase out such vehicles.
  8. The national green tribunal also has directed the state governments of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab and Delhi to place ban on burning of the crop residue which leads to immense air pollution.
  9. To provide alternative options for transport to the people during phase of odd even rule, Delhi government shall ply in 1000 more buses in coming 3 months.
  10. Penalty of INR 50,000 on thirty eight main projects will be imposed on anyone who contributes to air pollution.

All these efforts of Delhi government will definitely help curb air pollution.


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