Free bus rides for women in Delhi on account of Raksha Bandhan

Aug 28, 2015 | V. Velayudam

As per official statement from Gopal Rai, Delhi Transport Minister, on account of the festival of Raksha Bandhan, the Delhi Transport Corporation is planning for two initiatives. One is the launch of additional buses to accommodate the large number of travellers for the function and the other is offering free bus rides for women passengers from 8AM to 10PM on the day of the festival (August 29th). Mr. Rai announced that women will be eligible for these free rides on non AC buses and the orange cluster buses. These rides are aimed at improving the safety and comfort of women passengers while travelling on public transport services. All the non AC buses and orange cluster buses in Delhi will be offering free rides tomorrow for women.

Many people are expected to board the buses tomorrow, owing to the festival rush. As a result, the Delhi Transport Corporation has instructed the regional managers and transport authorities to be on top of their jobs tomorrow for managing the heavy crowds. These managers will ensure that additional buses are employed in areas where the demand is quite high. All points prone to traffic congestions are being monitored severely to ensure that all travellers, especially women, are being accommodated properly in the additional bus services that will be deployed as festival specials tomorrow.


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