Airport Express Line to cost lesser by 50% from Friday onwards

Sep 16, 2015 | P. Shenoy

Commuters travelling by Airport express line will now have to shell out lesser amount as the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has announced a rate cut. Effective Friday, the Airport Express Line will be cheaper by 50%., meaning the minimum fare that used to cost Rs 20/- per single journey on the corridor will now cost only Rs 10/-. Also the maximum fare that was fixed at Rs 100/- will now cost only Rs 60/-.

Information to be displayed everywhere

As per officials, slashing of fare charges comes as a move to encourage the commuters to opt for Airport express line as against Blue line to travel from Dwaraka to Vaishali/ Noida. The information of rate cut will be displayed on the company’s website and at all the stations en-route.

This reduction in rates will also go a long way in decongesting the blue line during peak hours and also takes lesser time. Commuters using the value cards for fare store will be offered additional discount of Rs 10/- over and above the current 50% rate cut.

Slashing rates proportionate to increased ridership

In July 2014, the DMRC had announced 40% reduction in fare charges thereby increasing the number of passengers from 13,000 in June 2014 to 20,000 in February 2015. On Airport Express Line alone, over 32,000 people have availed a ride in August 2015 and reduction in fare charges will definitely enhance the ridership on this route. The usual time to travel by 23 km long Orange Line or the premium route from New Delhi station to airport is 15 minutes.


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