For E-Rickshaws Permit, Driver Must Have Driving Licence & Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Badge

January 07, 2015 | Padma

The e-rickshaws will be back in Capital city of Delhi with the new notified regulations. Under these regulations, the three-tiered vehicles that can be charged using lead batteries are categorised as e-rickshaws. Under the e-rickshaw sewa scheme 2014, the permits are granted to the owners of e-rickshaws who hold a valid driving license and PSV badge.

Amongst other things, the drivers are mandated to inform police of any indecent behaviour against women to the nearest PCR or the police station. This apart, the e-rickshaws permit in Delhi will be issued on producing the sales invoice. There is a glitch inthis since many auto rickshaws falling under this category which were bought many years ago, might not have preserved the sales invoice or were not issued the invoice originally.

Once registered under the e-rickshaw sewa scheme 2014, drivers will be allowed to ply their vehicles throughout Delhi except 236 streets where prohibition already exists. The vehicles will be specifically categorised as public service vehicles (PSV) for which a badge will be issued to be worn by the driver on-duty. The details of permit holder along with contact details should be printed on auto rickshaw and a reflective yellow strip to be affixed to the vehicle. The conditions for the permit inter-alia, includes that the batteries used to recharge should be disposed through authorised dealers only. The e-rickshaws permit in Delhi will benefit over a lakh auto rickshaws since they will be identified with new registration number series of DL-1ER without requirement of a meter. These vehicles will be allowed to commute with 4 passengers excluding driver and luggage not exceeding 40 kgs.


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