With Odd Even Scheme in Place DMRC to Face Massive Rush

Jan 1, 2016 | D. Sethi

Delhi metro is expected to face huge rush starting January 2016, due to the odd even vehicle scheme. DMRC is working on getting solution to this issue by procuring new trains and increasing frequency.

If the government of Delhi is counting on its metro services for accommodating the passengers as an alternative to the scheme of odd and even vehicles then they need to be prepared for the rude shock. It is said that nearly 10 lakh passengers will shift and avail metro services starting 1st January. The DMRC has nothing much to cater this large rush. The corporation is somehow procuring 258 additional coaches however the trains will not be available before December 2016. In this scenario Delhi Metro can only operate around 20-25 additional trains which are parked at their maintenance depots.

If studied, Delhi Metro can operate approximately 200 additional trips with these trains however this would not suffice the sudden addition in commuter footfall. The officials of Delhi Metro said that these train coaches for present corridors are now being gathered at different manufacturing units as well as delivery of these coaches shall start by October 2016. Besides, Delhi Metro will also start ordering the new corridors which will eventually ease out the present situation.

Also the Delhi Government has urged the DMRC to augment the frequency of metro trains so that the more passengers can be accommodated. Currently the metro train is already running with frequency of two minutes and nine seconds during peak hours on some corridors. As per the sources, it is said that only augmentation of metro train’s frequency during the other times of the day will help in managing the massive rush. Delhi Government is more likely to come up with one final blueprint on 25th December post which a layout or plan will be chalked out.

As per sources of Delhi Metro, an official said that 162 new coaches will be gathered at manufacturing unit based in Gujarat while 96 units shall be bought from a manufacturing plan based in Bengaluru.


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