In-house talent is being tapped to transform image of Delhi as a tourism city

Aug 11, 2015 | P. Shenoy

Suggestions invited to tap Delhi’s tourism potentialin a move to make Delhi, a tourist friendly destination, the Delhi Government has invited innovative ideas from in-house officials who have travelled to foreign countries. As per studies, the average stay of tourists in Delhi is restricted to 1.2 days as against 4.2 days in London, 4.95 days in Bangkok and 2.7 days in Paris. This heritage city has huge potential to attract tourists and to tap this potential; out of the box ideas received from senior bureaucrats are being considered.

What is the need of the hour?

The Delhi Government is trying its best to change the perception of Delhi as a transit city. To transform Delhi into an international tourist destination, big ticket infrastructure is not required; the suggestions from in-house Heads of Departments, Principal Secretaries and others will be sought. In the first meeting itself, as many as 150 out of the box ideas were suggested based on the experience.

According to Delhi Government, to achieve the target of enhancing the image of Delhi as a tourism hub, there is no requirement to carry out complicated studies to understand the model followed in foreign countries, the Delhi Government along with its officials have resolved to make Delhi a preferred tourism destination.


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