Delhi witnesses quality fluctuation in air first day post odd even scheme

Jan 4, 2016 | M.A.Anwar

With a dip in the Delhi city’s air pollution by approximately 10 per cent at the very first day of odd-even scheme implementation for 8am to 2pm measure as compared to last two days remains worthwhile gain. Odd-even restrictions have started showing its positive results.

The System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR) observers had initial observations that vehicular emissions would have been even lesser had the vehicular movement gone down and firecrackers bursting limited further on December 31 night.

The Project Director of SAFAR, Gufran Beig further pointed out that with the kicking of odd-even scheme average suspended particulate matter value rose to PM 2.5 at 198 micrograms per cubic metre when compared to Thursday reading. It was measured from 8am to 2pm and results were found out.

Undoubtedly there remained poor air quality but still PM 2.5 reduction can be considered for approximately 15 per cent because of less emissions from vehicular dust reduction. An observation for mere few hours brought excellent result of odd-even measure. It further benefited in wind speed and temperature levels, Beig further stressed.

Although SAFAR stations had been displayed on many areas of Delhi, there remained poor real-time Air Quality Index. The Central Pollution Control Board analysed real time AQI for several places to obtain results and found drastic improvement at the first day of the odd-even scheme which is considered a remarkable change even though some sections felt unsatisfactory due to poor planning and management.

In total the result seemed effective and result oriented, said the state authorities in the national capital region.


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