Brand Delhi to be Launched Soon with an International Festival

March16, 2016 | V. Velayudam

While addressing the CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), Mr. Kapil Mishra, Tourism Minister, Delhi announced that a mega international festival would be hosted in the national capital, drawing inspiration from the festivals conducted in famous countries like Singapore and Dubai. Apart from showcasing the culture and heritage of Delhi to tourists, this festival, will prove to be a great platform for shopping enthusiasts as well.

Preparations for the Festival

Mr. Kapil Mishra confirmed that his ministry would focus on this festival from August onwards and that he has already held discussions with agencies that were the brain behind the mega festivals at Dubai & Singapore. Delhi Budget will have a separate provision to speak about the festival and will have necessary funds allocated for the following:

  • Setting up of two venues exclusively for hosting cultural events and international festivals – Mr. Kapil Mishra stated that the current venues were not up international standards.
  • Starting a mega-level advertisement campaign to promote “Brand Delhi” and advertising the campaign on a serious level with punch lines and all necessary support systems
  • Revamping Dilli Haat located at INA; it was one of its kind when it was first established, but now it has lost its sheen and needs a lot of renovation work to restore it to its past glory.

Preferring Delhi over neighbouring cities

Mr. Mishra lamented on the fact that in spite of being a world-class destination for tourism, Delhi was not able to meet up to its full potential when compared to neighbouring cities like Jaipur and Agra, because Delhi is still not being promoted aggressively. Therefore, as part of “Brand Delhi” movement, Mr. Mishra plans to host more and more cultural events in Delhi so that the world would sit up and take notice of the national capital city.


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