Chhattisgarh Themed 29th Surajkund Mela Begins

Suraj Kund Mela is organized by Haryana Tourism by joining hands with Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Culture. This Mela was first organized in 1981 and later on continued with outst


Modi to Welcome Obama in Fortress Delhi

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has pulled off a coup by inviting the US President Barack Obama for the Republic Day celebrations in the country on the 26th of January 2015.


Delhi State Politics heating up

The Delhi State Assembly Elections is due to happen on 7th February 2015 and the political scenario in the national capital is already heating up. The three main parties, Congress, BJP a


Delhi Citizens wake up to consecutive cloudy days

Delhi has been reporting a dip in minimum temperatures for the last few days or so. For January 12th, the minimum temperature of Delhi was a spine-chilling 5.7 degrees Celsius which was


161 Flights Affected and Several Trains Cancelled as Fog Envelops Delhi

The last Monday of December 2014 saw the citizens of Delhi shivering as the Delhi temperature was recorded at a record low of 2.6degrees Celsius, the coldest of the season and at least five degrees


Opulent Extravagance Mark 5 Favourite Destinations For New Year Celebrations In Delhi

Welcoming the New Year is usually a big event in the life of many Delhites, who like to work hard through the year and get into the party mode when the New Year is being ushered. So, it is normal t


Christmas Celebration In Delhi With Fun Fiesta To Usher In Happiness

All throughout India, celebrations are at their peak as the year comes towards its end. Having recently lighted candles and firecrackers for Diwali, the residents of Delhi can further continue thei


Public Transport in Delhi hit badly as the City Shivers in cold

On December 22nd 2014, the temperature in the national capital of Delhi touched 4.2degrees Celsius, which was the lowest in the season so far, but also the lowest in Delhi for the last f


Cold Wave Strikes Delhi Makes it Colder than London and Shimla

Delhi is known for its extreme weather conditions. It is bit cold during the months of December whereas in January it is extremely cold but this year, Delhi’s temperatures are at an all -time


Sarita Vihar Underpass Inaugurates Today Thereby Reducing Traffic From Noida to Okhla

The new underpass at Sarita Vihar was inaugurated by M Venkaiah Naidu, the Union Minister for Urban Development.

The underpass runs along the stretch of Okhla to Noida which reduces the tim


Free Bus Ride for 4 Hours on the Occasion of Indias 68th Independence Day

A gift to the Delhites on 15th August 2014 is proposed, also provision is made for availability of 10,000 seats at the Red Fort for the public, where the Pri



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