Street Food in Delhi

The concept of street food brings different thoughts to different people since many people doesn’t feel comfortable eating from these joints while they are bounded by different unknown people. The other factors that are of concern for people are hygiene and purity of the food. These factors are although the most important factor of concern but the flavors these street food offers are un-comparable to the food offered by the plush eating outlets. The vendors of these street food claim that they have very high standards in comparison to the expensive restaurants. The hygiene of these foods can be seen by the fact that the preparation of food is done in front of the customers whereas the restaurants have the concept of closed kitchen. The recipe of the street foods is passed from generation to generation.

Indian Street Food in Delhi

The streets of Delhi are adorned with finger licking street food corners that provide wide variety of flavor foods from all parts of the country. The most popular street foods include Pani-Puri, Aloo-Tikki, Dahi-Bhalla, Chole Bhaturas, Chaat, Samosas, Bhel Poori and list is endless. The other street food that has gained popularity in the current times is the Momos also known as Dumplings that forms the part of the Chinese cuisine.

Each street in the city of Delhi is famous for the variety and flavored food it offers. Many places in Delhi are only known for the food it offers and is generally named after the delicious food especially sold at that location. Just to name few among many is the famous Paranthewali Gali, the Matke wali Gali or the Pan Mandi that one can ask from any locale in any part of Delhi. These streets are only known for the finger licking and mouth watering food that they offer. Although, there are uncountable number of branded food outlets located almost in every part of the city and an uncountable amount of money has been spent to get these outlets come into existence yet the food sold by the street side vendors is the most preferred.


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