Medical Tourism

New Delhi is the centre of cultural diversity. Apart from being the capital of India, it is the house for numerous historical monuments, museums and places of historic importance. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. By visiting Delhi, one can get the feel of entire country due to its cosmopolitan nature. Tourism is at its peak in Delhi, the government has also developed the city to cater for all requirements of visiting tourists. The traditions, culture, monuments, important government offices and architecture make this place a visitor’s paradise. Apart from tourism, the availability of sophisticated medical facilities for treatment of acute diseases has made the city earn a unique distinction in medical tourism. Medical tourism is attracting is numerous people from both within and outside the country.

Medical Tourism in Delhi

The availability of experienced, specialist doctors and surgeons for treatment at a very reasonable price is increasing the number of tourists thronging the city. Some of the complicated operations like breast implants, cosmetic surgery, organ transplant and cardiac treatments are being undertaken by renowned hospitals in Delhi. The popular medical slogan “First world treatment at third world price” is fast catching up in the world medical arena. The statistics available with All India Institute of Medical Science have indicted a sharp rise in the number of medical tourism cases in Delhi during the last decade. The foreign nationals are particularly visiting the national capital for plastic surgeries, organ transplants, cardiac surgeries and cosmetic surgeries. Apart from this, India is an excellent source of organ donors. Several foreigners have benefited by availing organs from Indians.

Foreign nationals are also visiting the city for research work, obtaining medical degrees and specialisations. There are numerous agencies involved in facilitating fast track medical facilities and educational facilities for foreign nationals in Delhi. People are also interested in availing the benefits of Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy and yoga treatments in Delhi.



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