Attractions of Delhi

Delhi has the privilege of spelling out the heritage and history of India, places like Indraprastha, the legendary capital of Pandavas of the great epic Mahabharat, is situated here. This city has the fragrance of rich cultural heritage lying in the lap of majestic Yamuna, also presenting the soul of India in all dimensions.

Delhi, being a city of diverse culture with a cosmopolitan outlook, replicates the true fabric of India. People from all parts of the country live here and Delhi people represent the culture and rich heritage of the country. Because of this, the place has gained the praise of all as the Capital city representing a unified nation amidst diversity.

The city of Delhi presents the new face of conventional as well as contemporary Indian society. Delhi was destroyed seven times by different dynasties. Still, it holds the grandeur of a city reflecting its glorious past.

Elegantly structured buildings, which reflect the architectural supremacy of the British architect, Edwin Lutyens’ creative mind and versatile designs spelled out the magnificence of this mammoth city to a great extent. Amidst the marvels of architectural excellence, today’s first citizen’s residence - the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Raisina Hills stands as a supreme piece of artistic exuberance among others, so with its neighbouring piece of wonder, the  Mughal Gardens.



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