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Culturally Rich Delhi Augurs Well as Favourite Destination for Travel and Tourism in India

Perched in the northern part of India, the city of Delhi offers as beautiful monuments as it encompasses variety of heritage and modernised structures. Being the capital city of India, one cannot miss out on the opportunity to go to historical places in the city, as well as feel the vibrancy of this city, especially into night as thousands of neon signs glow all around with people visiting the pubs and nightclubs to unwind. So, a tourist coming into the city, from other parts of India or the world, will be able to get a sense of the country and its cultural heritage in Delhi.

Transport Convenience Ascertains the Popularity of Delhi

Convenience to travel to Delhi has been one of the major reasons for the huge popularity of this city, marked by the rich history that it reflects in its myriad monuments, government buildings, market places and corporate offices. Tourists, intending to come into India, usually make Delhi their first stop, as seen with foreign visitors. Many international carriers have their stop in Delhi International Airport, almost on an everyday basis or at least once in a week. Also, many of the Tier II and Tier III cities in India now have airports, from where various domestic flights reach the Indira Gandhi International Airport, thereby allowing people to easily access the city. Rail links with most areas of the country, with good quality trains are being run by Indian Railways, while state and Delhi transport corporations have air conditioned and Volvo buses to bring in people from various parts of the country. Such communication facilities have contributed largely for the benefit of the travellers, who arrive in Delhi and soak in the heritage and culture of this city.

Long History going back to old Medieval era

After the invasion of Mughals back in 16-17th century, Delhi has played a major role in the kingdoms of different emperors. Consistent to their styles, these Mughal kings constructed innumerable structures in and around Delhi, many of which still stand tall and have been designated heritage sites. Places like Qutab Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort and few other historic monuments have been carved. Towards the modern era, when the British Empire was present in India, a number of structures had also been constructed such as the parliament house, governor’s house and India Gate. These lavish structures speak volume about the architectural brilliance of the rulers of those days. These structures are worth a visit and many tourists arriving in Delhi make it a point to visit historic sites, spread across the breadth and length of the city.

Expansion Plans Enlists tall Skyscrapers with the old Delhi Charms

Apart from the structures and convenience of visiting Delhi, the city has hugely expanded in recent years. In contrast to the region of Old Delhi, where areas like Chandni Chowk and Red Fort are located, the city itself has expanded widely into suburban areas. Collectively, all these areas are nowadays termed as National Capital Region and include places like Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. Along with the expansion has arrived a lot of infrastructural development in Delhi, giving rise to skyscrapers, star hotels, resorts, gaming zones, adventure parks and so on. In these suburban areas, modern buildings with beautiful designs and tall structures are common, which are equally breathtaking as are the old heritage buildings in different parts of the city. During tourism of Delhi, every aspect of this historic city can be seen by the tourists, along with a host of other features.


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