Wholesale Markets

Delhi provides to its visitors one of the mesmerizing and wonderful shopping experience.  The different goods and commodities produced in different parts of the country are available in wholesale markets in Delhi.

The city of Delhi has some of the exotic, exquisite and unique markets in entire Asian region which are visited by people for its quality and wide range of products. Below mentioned are some of the popular wholesale markets in Delhi:

Khari Baoli

The name Khari Baoli is formed with two words Khari and Baoli which means ‘salty’ & ‘well’ respectively in the local language. It is believed that this place had a salty well which was used to bath the animals. However, presently the well does not exist but the name is still retained. Presently Khari Baoli is popular as the largest spice and grocery market in the entire Asian region. This market provides excellent varieties of herbs, spices, tea, rice, wheat and pulses. This place remains ever crowded with purchasers and sellers of commodities.

Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar is the most liked wholesale market for tourists and the locals. The jam-packed crowd in the area speaks about its popularity. Sadar Bazaar provides all types of household goods and numerous other items like imitation jewellery, toys, trinkets, electronic goods, food, sweets, clothes and shoes. Sadar Bazaar being a large area is sub divided into Timber Market, Pratap Market and Swadeshi Market. The popular historic fact is that several freedom fighters used this area as a hiding place due to its closeness to Old Delhi’s railway station during freedom struggle.

Chawri Bazaar

Chawri Bazaar located in the Old Delhi region is famous for its Brass, Copper and paper products. Chawri Bazaar was established in 1840 and it went on to become the first wholesale market in Delhi. The market place is very crowded and is popular for designer wedding cards, wall papers, greeting cards etc. These designer paper items will make the onlookers go berserk. In the early 19th Century, this area was popular for the dance girls and courtesan. They used to be visited by the British personnel and wealthy businessmen.

Nai Sarak

Nai Sarak is the paradise for book lovers. It has a magnificent market which offers book for all age groups and profession. However, the main attraction is the second hand books that are available at throw away prices. The wide range of collection of books include Fiction Novels, Engineering & Medical books, legal books, School text books and Guides for various learning processes. The extreme competition among the fellow shop keepers helps you to get the second hand books at very cheap rates provided you are god at bargaining.

These places are ideal for people who want to get maximum return on the money spent. However, being one of the busy and noisy places there can be little discomfort and physical exhaustion.

Azadpur Mandi

Azadpur Mandi is one of the most happening places in Delhi. It is the fruit and vegetable bowl of the city. This is the market which accepts the complete vegetables and fruits reaching the city. It has been popularly accepted as the Nationwide Submission Centre for fresh vegetables and fruits. Fresh fruits like Apple, Banana, Mango, Grapes and vegetables like onion, beans and leafy vegetables reach from various parts of the country to this mandi. This market has been declared as the “Market of Nationwide Importance in India” on 7th Jan 2004. This is one of the largest markets for fruits and vegetables in the entire north India.

Farmers from different parts of the country reach this market to sell their agricultural produce. It is popularly known as the place that never sleeps, due to the fact that it functions 24X7.

There are several employees involved in loading and unloading the fruits and vegetables at the Market. Different varieties of fruits come from the Northern states of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. Azadpur Mandi has thus emerged as the popular place for investors and marketers of agricultural produce and wholesalers.


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