Health and Fitness

Delhi, being the national capital, is the perfect example of the cosmopolitan lifestyle in the country. Younger generation people dominate Delhi’s population. Just like in the other parts of the country, the people of Delhi too have started to understand the importance of being fit and healthy in today’s lifestyle. There is a realisation that being slim does not necessarily equate to being healthy. Therefore, lots of people, women in particular, have taken to exercising regularly. There is a huge wave of realisation among the working women today to stay healthy and fit. Many residential areas in Delhi have joggers’ parks where men and women are seen in large numbers during the early morning hours.

Cashing on this realisation, there are many health and fitness centres in Delhi that provide a host of services for their clients. It is not only about gymming. The fitness centres in Delhi offer excellent combinations of physical exercise, weight training, gymnastics, aerobic sessions etc. to help with the overall fitness levels of the individuals. Many reputed hotels too have a lot of health and fitness facilities in their premise like swimming pool, spas, Ayurveda massage centres, in-house gym, Yoga classes, etc. This is a common feature found in most of the star-hotels in Delhi.


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