Entertainment for Children

Delhi is the ideal place for tourists to take their kids along with them as there are lots of options for entertainment here. There is something in this place that makes the kids come back again and again here. Apart from the usual play areas in the malls, Delhi with its rich cultural heritage has quite a few tourist attractions that teach the kids about the ancient history of the place. Kids not only feel entertained here, but also feel enlightened after their trips as they learn something new in these places.

For example, a visit to the National Rail Museum teaches the kids about the technological sophistication and antique rail engines used by the Indian Railways. By visiting the Science Centre, kids get exposed to the field of science and technology in various fields, emerging technologies used and the various applications of technology in today’s world. It is very important to provide knowledgeable entertainment to the kids as just fun and frolic will not suffice in any way. Delhi is the apt place for that. More than entertainment, there are infotainment places (information-cum-entertainment) places brimming in Delhi, which excite and attract the kids in a big way.

There are quite a few parks and open areas in Delhi for the children to play around. These parks have ample spaces with swings, sea-saws, slides, gardens, etc. where kids can play to their hearts’ content. Delhi is probably one of the few places in India, where technological advancement and such natural open spaces co-exist in perfect unison. Water parks, fountains, metro rides and other toy rides are other sources of entertainment for the kids who are coming to Delhi.

It does take time to explore Delhi and find out apt places to visit with kids, however, once explored, this place can pleasantly surprise tourists with its sea of options. There are also many ancient and brilliant temples in the national capital where kids not only get to enjoy some time, but also get an opportunity to know about the spiritual richness of India. There are quite a few street markets in Delhi that have retained the old-world charm and these can be shown around to the kids so that they get a real flavour of the city of Delhi. Tourists must always remember that it takes a lot of planning when travelling around with kids, therefore extreme summer and winter season should be avoided. The best time to go around Delhi with kids would be the months between August and November.


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