Riot of Flavors: Delhi Gets Prepared to Storm Restaurants to Taste the Navratri Special Thalis

September 29, 2014 | VS Ganathan

Navratri is a time of fun, frolic and enjoyment. Along with the poojas and the prayers, there are other significances of the festivity as well. Eating is an important aspect of Indian celebration and this time of the year is in no way left behind. The eateries are all lit up and wear a festive look putting up varied food items on their menu – not to mention many different mouthwatering sweet meats. Even for the already available food items, the prices are slashed and more offers tagged in a bid to specifically cater to the religious crowds.

There are host of sweet meat that throng the markets. Their different colors and tastes tempt customers of all age groups and what is some celebration with a mouthful of these yummy sweets? Each of these sweets are similar yet different from others, in that they might have the same base ingredients like milk, sugar, besan, rice, paneer etc. but are so different in their tastes. The eateries also take up huge orders for sweet meats to for their customers who would like to distribute the same amidst their friends and family. They will however need a heads up at least a couple of weeks in advance or depending on the amount of the order.

In addition to the newer variety of sweets, the eateries also offer different types of Thali, or the lunch and dinner options, where they can have a good balanced meal – with rotis, vegetables, daal, curd and rice. Specifically for those devotees who are fasting in the name of the Mata, they offer a Vrat Thali, where there are sweets, or rotis made of Bajra, that will be filling as well as healthy for them. In case the customers need specific modifications like not adding onions or garlic to their meals, the hotels also offer that.

One main reason why there are huge crowds that throng the hotels and eateries is that there is a huge tourist crowd that visits New Delhi during the festive season. Coinciding with the school holidays, Navratri is a good time to catch up with family and friends all over. There are lots of tourists who arrive in Delhi during this time and hence the eateries try to capture that market share using these techniques.

The other reason is that since Navratri is specially auspicious for the women at home, and they would be busy in showering their attention in conducting poojas and services to the Goddess at either their homes or the mandirs nearby, they might not have enough time to take care of their usual duties of cooking and feeding the people at home.

To ensure that women seamlessly offer their prayers to the Mother Goddess and to help them serve good and quality food for their family, there are special offers that these eateries put up on their menu. Outside catering also is in full swing during the time of Navratri as there are a lot of places where dance and music shows are organized and there are social gatherings and food and sweets that are offered.


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