Google Delhi Public Transport Offline App Launched for Bus, Metro

Oct 13, 2015 | D. Sethi

Google has come up with a new initiative here it has introduced pilot Delhi Public Transport Offline application that is built to assist the people navigate their path around Delhi’s public transport system even they don’t have active Internet connection. This application is free to be installed and use and supports Delhi Traffic Police, Delhi Metro, and Gurgaon Rapid Metro and DTC bus together with DIMTS orange buses. In August this year, Gadgets 360 spoke about the application first when the coding for this application was observed during a breakdown of Google Map’s last version.

Check the routes of Delhi Metro Offline!

This Google Delhi Public Transport Offline App allows you to navigate for directions to the bus and metro stations, check their timings, and make your plans of travel accordingly. This application can be used online as well as offline. The app is such beneficial that it lets you know the bus transit delays and latest news too. This pilot app is built from ground up, making it simple and easy for residents of New Delhi to get around the public transit. The notable features of this application are subject to rapid changes based on the feedback of the users. On significant thing to note is that why is Google not embedding this in google maps while is making efforts to launch a new app all together for this. Perhaps, google has drafted this application very basic in terms of design. The user interface follows card based approach however with little images or decoration.

The Google Delhi Public Transport Offline App is in black and white only and this makes it look much readable. This is one goof feature which will make the application be successful in India, where the devices have small screens. This shall also explain the offline focus since mobile internet in our country remains neutrally unreliable, even though it is trying to reach mases. The application is truly blessing for Delhi Traffic Police.


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