Explore the Lightening and Decoration in Delhi Markets this Diwali Festive Season

Nov 10, 2015 | D. Sethi

Diwali celebrations are all around the country. All cities get lit up with lights in such fascinating manner as if they are host to every individual. Most of the cities even host Diwali Mela. These melas are lined with promising exuberance and fun and this marks the most of the season. No matter it is north or south in Delhi, the entire city gets decked with flowers and lights, celebrating Diwali to its best. One of the popular Diwali Melas in Delhi is Sundar Nagar Mela, eye catcher and delightful for the shoppers in Delhi at the Select Citywalk.

This mela is all time hit, adding spark to the entire Diwali fest. The celebration of this mela dates back to 50 years. Held during Diwali every year, this year the mela will start on 7th November and shall have everything from eating options to shopping, playing games to riding the wheels and different other swings. This two day mela has always attracted the people from different social classes and walks of life.

Diwali Celebration in Delhi by Blind Relief Association

The other mela is the Blind Relief Association’s Diwali Bazar which shall start on 2nd November. It is another most anticipated event in Delhi which has nearly 200 stalls that sell different home décor and handicraft items. This is a six day event which features a special food court that displays numerous eating options for the vegetarians.

As per the secretary of the association, they are expecting as many as 5000 people/day in the mela. The event is meant to support a noble cause and people love the concept hence show maximum participation This time the association is providing free of cost space to 90 off NGOs so that they can sell their products and make some money. This will also help the people know about these NGOs and eventually help them as per their wish. Some other melas which are significant attractions are Dastkar’s festival of lights.


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