Be prepared for the unusual and abnormal hot winter season in Delhi

December 4, 2014 | Vidhya

The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted that Delhi will have to reel under the harshness of a “hot winter” this season. It is quite unusual that even during the months of October and November, the temperature is close to 30 degrees Celsius. The reason behind this unusual climate is because the western disturbance is not normal, according to the IMD. Officials from the IMD also said that since the disturbance had already hit extreme northern parts of the India like Jammu and Kashmir, winter was prevailing there. The department also confirmed that the disturbance that is travelling from the Mediterranean Sea, that has not reached the plains still, is likely to hit Punjab, Haryana and Delhi in the next fifteen days or so. The actual winter season will hit Delhi only by then.


In the past few months, Delhi has been experiencing lots of fluctuations between its maximum and minimum temperatures. The maximum temperature in Delhi for the past couple of months was 38 degrees Celsius, that was recorded on October 4th and the minimum temperature was 15.6 degrees Celsius that was recorded on October 17th. In the morning hours, Delhi does witness its characteristic thick cover of fog. However, there is an unusual element of smoke in the fog, due to which citizens and tourists in Delhi are advised to be careful. Since this smoke-cum fog climate is likely to create respiratory problems and chest congestions, doctors have advised the people of Delhi to seek professional advice when they face any difficulties. Currently the average maximum and minimum temperatures in the city for last month were 33.5 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius respectively. Weather watchers have stated that for the next 15 days, temperatures in the city will be at least 3 degrees higher than what used be in the previous winter seasons.


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